The most curious vaccination actions from around the world

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Free points or free sausage - in the fight against the coronavirus, offers are sprouting up all over the world to reward people for their willingness to be vaccinated. A battle against skepticism and vaccination fatigue. An overview of vaccination campaigns in Germany and abroad:

In Germany, for example, there are "Long Nights of Vaccination" in Berlin on Aug. 9, 11 and 13 from 8 p.m. to midnight each night, with a club atmosphere in the Arena, an event hall on the Spree River. In Solingen, there was also a "late-night inoculation", where the shot was administered to DJ music and non-alcoholic cocktails. Early risers were also catered for: in the Olpe district, there was an early morning concert with alcohol-free beer at the vaccination center.

True to the motto "If the people don't get to the syringes, the syringes must get to the people," the approach was also taken in the southwest. Before the summer vacations in Baden-Württemberg, for example, vaccinations were carried out at weekly markets, at the recycling center, at soccer matches, at the open-air museum or at the amusement park. In Bruchsal, the shots were given at a Ferris wheel. The reward: a free ride.

In Sonneberg in southern Thuringia, a bratwurst as a reward to the vaccination center brought a rush for Covid 19 vaccination appointments, as did a campaign this week in the Erz Mountains, in Aue-Bad Schlema.

A cow for vaccinators

Thailand is bringing out the big guns. Since June, a cow has been raffled off every week in the rural district of Mae Chaem, where many people have long been skeptical about the prick in the arm. According to local media, the campaign will continue until 70 percent of the region's population has been vaccinated.The rush is said to have multiplied since the beginning of the campaign. No wonder: A cow is worth 10,000 baht (250 euros) in the kingdom - that's a lot of money in the country, which has been battered by Corona and a lack of tourism.

The Netherlands is betting on the joke for the syringe. Two birds with one stone, thought the health department in Haarlem near Amsterdam and lured singles with a blind date to the vaccination appointment. Anyone who wanted to could register for the arranged flirt.

The authority arranged the partner for the vaccination date in the quarter of an hour waiting time after the prick - with a safe 1.5 meter distance of course. At the same time, the action was also intended to help against the loneliness of many singles during the pandemic.

Santa Claus and frontman of the hard rock band Lordi help out

In Finland, the city of Rovaniemi in Lapland has enlisted the help of two of its best-known personalities: Santa Claus, who according to Finnish belief lives in the region, and the frontman of the hard rock band Lordi, which won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006.Mister Lordi, dressed in a monster stage costume, received his second Corona vaccination, while Santa Claus also stopped by the vaccination event - but because of his advanced age, he had already received his vaccine doses a long time before.

In the USA, meanwhile, states, municipalities and companies have been outbidding each other for months with material stimuli: free flights, luxury cruises, university scholarships, free cab rides, shopping vouchers, free tickets to major sporting events, free drinks, even millions in winnings - the list of enticements is long.

Since March, the Krispy Kreme doughnut chain has been giving vaccinated people a sweet doughnut every day when they show their vaccination card. A lobby group that handed out joints for vaccinated people in New York and Washington caused a particular stir.

Photo by Roger Starnes Sr


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