Major Disruptions Expected on Munich S-Bahn's Main Line in August

Sun 6th Aug, 2023

Munich's bustling S-Bahn system is bracing for significant disruptions this August, as authorities announce the temporary closure of the city's main S-Bahn line. Starting from August 11, commuters can expect no S-Bahn trains running between the Pasing and Ostbahnhof stations. To facilitate essential track maintenance and the construction of a new platform in the Laim station, passengers are advised to make necessary travel arrangements.

Service Alterations Commence: Friday, August 4

  • From 10:30 PM until the following morning's operations, the Ostbahnhof to Hackerbrücke stretch will experience a halt in S-Bahn services.
  • Passengers can anticipate early train terminations and substitute bus services being deployed.

Detailed Information and Assistance

  • Detailed information about the service changes and alternative travel options can be accessed on the official website
  • Altered schedules are available on the railway's official schedule information platform.
  • For any queries or assistance, the S-Bahn München customer service hotline remains accessible daily from 6 AM to 10 PM at 089/55892665.

Peak of Disruption: Friday, August 11 to Monday, August 21

  • From Friday, August 11 (10:30 PM), to Monday, August 21 (4:40 AM), the entire main line between Pasing and Ostbahnhof will be temporarily closed to all S-Bahn traffic.
  • This comprehensive closure stems from essential construction efforts to modernize the Laim station, aimed at creating a more accessible and efficient facility.

Modernization of Laim Station

  • As part of the renovation, a newly constructed Track 1 with a barrier-free platform will be operational by August.
  • The commissioning process requires the German Railways (DB) to integrate the new track with the existing main line during the main line closure.
  • Rigorous safety checks will follow to ensure seamless operations.
  • Trial runs will be conducted to ensure the track's readiness.

Continued Maintenance Efforts

  • Meanwhile, the DB continues to conduct maintenance activities across the existing network.
  • Over 1000 daily S-Bahn journeys take their toll on the infrastructure, necessitating the replacement of switches at Ostbahnhof and partial renewals at Isartor.
  • The Ostbahnhof will witness the renewal of three switches, while Isartor will undergo a partial renewal of four.
  • The reliability of these switches is crucial for maintaining punctuality in S-Bahn operations.
  • The complexity of the renovation process within the confined tunnel environment, coupled with logistical intricacies, extends the timeline for these critical improvements.

Mitigating Disruption

  • As the city gears up for the disruption, commuters are advised to familiarize themselves with the altered schedules.
  • The Munich S-Bahn network will continue to offer limited services on operational lines to mitigate the inconvenience.
  • The S-Bahn München team is working diligently to ensure passengers have reliable alternative options during this period of temporary disruption.


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