Deutsche Bahn Plans to Implement Broad Ban on Cannabis Consumption at Train Stations

Sat 20th Apr, 2024

Image by Dad Grass from PixabaySince the start of April, cannabis has seen a partial legalization, permitting individuals over 18 to consume it in public spaces unless expressly prohibited. However, despite this shift in policy by the traffic light coalition, Deutsche Bahn (DB) intends to maintain its stance: smoking weed will be prohibited at train stations and platforms across Germany going forward.

According to a DB spokeswoman cited by "Bild am Sonntag" ("BamS"), Deutsche Bahn will adjust its house rules accordingly and begin displaying prohibition notices from next week. While designated areas for tobacco smoking will still be available at train stations, cannabis consumption will be off-limits. With approximately 20 million travelers passing through German train stations daily, the move aims to safeguard passengers, particularly children and young people, from the potential risks associated with cannabis use in public spaces.

"We aim to protect our passengers, particularly children and young people, at our train stations, aligning with the legal prohibition on cannabis consumption during the day in pedestrian zones or near schools and playgrounds," stated the "BamS" spokeswoman. The ban does not impact the consumption of cannabis for medical purposes, which was permissible even prior to the recent legalization. Deutsche Bahn expects to finalize the adjustment of its house rules within four weeks, with enforcement slated to commence on June 1st.

In the interim, railway staff will encourage compliance with the new regulations through friendly requests and guidance. As with the existing smoking ban, DB Security personnel will be tasked with monitoring patrols and enforcing the prohibition on cannabis consumption.

Under the new law, public consumption of cannabis is permitted to a limited extent, with restrictions in place, particularly concerning the presence of minors and proximity to educational and recreational facilities.

Meanwhile, there have been calls for a ban on cannabis at folk festivals, with concerns raised about its impact on youth and the atmosphere of such events. Both medical professionals and event organizers have advocated for clear regulations to ensure the protection of attendees, especially minors, from the potential negative effects of cannabis use. Discussions regarding further regulation are underway at both state and federal levels in Germany.

Image by Dad Grass from Pixabay


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