Summer is around the corner

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May is my favorite time of year. Nature is again fully awoken and delightful fragrant blooms are everywhere, wildlife is all around us busily getting on with the business of living and the wonderful warmth of the spring sun is glorious to feel on our skin again.

It heralds a time of year to venture outside and explore new places, and enjoy the wealth of beautiful scenery that the Bavarian countryside has to offer, its easy, theres just so much of it. The numerous lakes of Bavaria will still take a while to warm but its fun the splash at the waters edge , relaxing with family or friends after a busy week.

It is also time again to start planning and preparing for Summer. As the sun grows stronger so does the risks of over exposure to harmful UVA and UVB rays increase. The German state runs campaigns every year aiming to inform and educate parents and young people about the dangers of sun exposure when outdoors, especially for children whose skin is particularly vulnerable.

German Cancer Aid states that young people who spend much time in the sun, have already 80% of the UV radiation dosage of their entire life, by the age of 18 years. With the majority of skin cancer damage done before the age of 10 years it is important to encourages children to protect themselves.

Most summer clothing – sleeveless blouses, backless sun-dresses, shorts, bikinis, t-shirts are clearly not designed for sun protection. A major goal for sun protective clothing designs is to cover as much skin as possible while still making the garment cool, comfortable and fashionable. While there is no formal rating system for the level of skin coverage provided by a garment, maximum coverage provides the best protection.

Sun protective clothing is the most effective way to protect a child's skin from the harm caused by UVR. They have been also recommended by the American Academy of Dermatology as the most effective means of sun protection.

So be sure to use broad spectrum sun screen on any skin left exposed, wear sunglasses and wide brimmed hat to shade face and neck. Finally Enjoy the Sun.

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