Student Hungry for Olympia Park Geese

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Mon 16th Aug, 2010

Munich. A Sudanese student caught one of the geese in the Olympia Park. Police thinks that he wasn't just bored.

On thursday at 7:35 PM a patrol of police motorbikes was approached by pedestrians at the Olympia Park. They showed the officials a 23 year old Sudanese student, who had caught one of the grey geese in the park and was carrying it under his arm. As the student noticed the police, he dropped the bird and fled into a nearby parking house where police arrested him.

After investigation, police discovered that the Sudanese national was feeding the geese to make it easier to catch them. He told them he was bored and wanted to keep the bird in his flat near the Olympia Park. This statement however didn't sound plausible to the police. After all, the student was carring a 21 centimetre long kitchen knife, they deduced that the student wanted to slaughter the goose and then eat it.

The young African can expect to be reprimanded on account of poaching.

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