Street Race Kills Woman

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The traffic light turns green; the motorcycle and Porsche drivers give full throttle. A pedestrian is rammed and is thrown 50 feet in the air. She dies at the accident scene.

Munich - Deadly race in Harlaching. On Monday evening, a 21 years old motorcycle driver and the 37-years old driver of a Porsche Carrera wait side by side at a red traffic light at the Naupliastrasse, at the height of Mangallplatz. When the light switches to green, both give full throttle. Witnesses reported that they held a race, in which the motorcycle left behind the Porsche.

In the meantime, about 150 yards away. a 63-year-old lady from Munich is crossing Naupliastrasse. She is pushing her bicycle. The driver of the Suzuki rams the lady at high speed and throws the 63-year-old about 50 meters. The woman dies shortly after from serious injuries at the site of the accident. The motorcyclist reported serious injuries and had to be admitted to a hospital. The Porsche driver stopped his car prior to the accident scene. A traffic accident expert has been called to the accident site, to determine the actual speed of the two drivers, as reported by the police.

By order of the Prosecutor, the motorcyclist's license was immediately confiscated, and a blood sample was taken for analysis. Following the accident, the Naupliastrasse was completely blockeduntil 22.14. The traffic and bus route 139 were diverted.

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