Start of the Oktoberfest

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Mon 20th Sep, 2010

Munich. Around a million visitors arrived at the first weekend of Wiesn. The Red Cross had less to do than in the previous years, but tankard fights still occured.

According to ballpark figures of the city, around a million people visited the Oktoberfest over the weekend, with some 66,000 visiting the historic Wiesn. The visitors ate around ten oxen and drank a million litres of beer.

"That's a wonderful start", says Wiesn director Gabriele Weishà¤upl. The enthusiasm for the historical Wiesn was greater than expected. She was happy about the first weekend and described it as "gigantic."

Officials and rescue workers had their hands full in the tents. On Saturday alone four fights occured. A 20 year old man from Munich and a 29 year old Canadian tourist got into a dispute. The man from Munich hit the Canadian with a tankard so hard on the back of his head, that he got concussion and had to be taken to hospital. Flying glass shards injured the two friends of the Canadian.

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