Renovation at Viktualienmarkt

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Tue 9th Feb, 2010

Munich. 2018 is the year when Munich will host the Winter Olympic Games and work is underway to ensure everything will be ready: the Viktualienmarkt and smaller markets at Elisabethplatz, Wiener Platz and in Pasing fall into the list of places requiring renovation.

The manager of Viktualienmarkt, Gabriele Friderich, confirmed that during the renovation, there will be less (but more comfortable) stands and not all dealers can remain in the market - and more importantly, the rents will increase significantly.

Hygiene and fire regulations require major improvements in all four markets, said Gabriele Friderich on Monday. For example, there are few guest and staff toilets and adequate cold storage for perishable goods. "The character and the tourist attraction of the Viktualienmarkt must be preserved under all circumstances". It remains to be seen what the finished work will look like and how the stall owners feel about the changes, especially the increase in rent.

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