Radl-Jokers Arriving Next Week

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Thu 5th Aug, 2010

They are controversial and declared by the opposition as a laughing stock, yet defended by the Greens: Radl-Jokers, who are supposed to supervise bike traffic in a charming manner.
Many weeks have passed since they were presented to the public at the end of April. On the following Tuesday, the Radl-Joker will finally start their work - with a different concept.

Four of the safety-Jokers have been trained and will work at bike congestion points, to curb aggressive bikers. The first place of action on tuesday will be Rotkreuzplatz - where they have had training.

As reported, the Jokers are part of a bike marketing campaign for the city. But since the idea was made public there has been a lot of criticism - not only from the CSU and FDP but also from the police. The police initially thought the Jokers were not suited to care for safety. Since then the local government has been working on a new safety concept which includes the Joker in a more serious manner. The concept will be presented on Tuesday. There is a possibilty that the costume of the Joker will be altered as well.

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