Poster Dispute: Yes for Smokers

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Mon 24th Oct, 2011

Munich. The KVR (District Administration Authority) makes an exception for the smoking lobby: usually clubs are not allowed to advertise for referendums - but this time KVR is generous for "political knowledge development."

The opponents of the non-smoker protection law can breathe again: their posters, which promote "No" to the "total smoking ban" at the referendrum at the 4th of July, will be allowed in Munich. Local authorities decided that yesterday. As reported, according to posting regulations in Munich, only political parties, voting groups and candidates can campaign with posters - not clubs.

"To support political knowledge development, we were generous in this case", explains Daniela Schlegel, spokeswoman for the KVR. It was not clear beforehand, how the regulations were laid down. The KVR had to clarify if clubs like the "Club of Preservation of the Bavarian Pub Culture" were allowed to engage in an election with posters.

In Nuremberg, clubs had to take down their posters.

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