Police stop leaking lorries

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Fri 7th May, 2010

Munich. During a routine check at a container-terminal in Riem, the police stopped two lorries carrying dangerous goods which had faulty tank containers. The drivers didn't spot the leakage.

One of the containers was loaded with 24,000 litres of the inflammable fluid methyl cellosolv. The sealing gasket was so worn out that small amounts of the dangerous liquid escaped. The second container leaked from the closing valve hence releasing drips of acidic-smelling solution. The lorry was loaded with acetic acid.

No enviromental damage was caused, said the police on friday. The two drivers, 34 and 43 years old, did not notice that their containers were leaking.

The plant fire brigade of the Wacker-Chemie Burghausen and Infraserv GmbH corrected the defects. The two lorries were cross-docked to railway transportation at the terminal in Riem in the direction of Hamburg. The people responsible for the loading of the lorries will receive a penalty of 500 Euro.

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