Open Air Bath Smoking Permitted

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Wed 21st Jul, 2010

Germering. Smoking in the open air bath in Germering is still permitted. The decision was made by the town council with the majority of votes being against the 5 votes of the Greens and Alfred Streicher.

Greens councillor Dieter Belschner made an application to ban smoking in the open air bath. His reasoning was the health risks for children who possibly would pick up the cigarette stubs and put them in their mouths. Belschner repeated his appraisal that non-smoker protection has to come before smoker protection. It was shown at the referendum at the start of July what the majority of people wish for.

Peter Klotz (FDP), aswell as second major Wolfgang Andre (CSU) expressed understanding for the concern of the Greens. But the consequence would not limit the smoking ban to the open air bath, says Klotz, "We then would have to expand it to all public places like the Germeringer lake, the area in front of the townhall and all of the sports facilities."

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