Oktoberfest booked out

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Tue 27th Apr, 2010

Munich. Even though the Oktoberfest is still 5 months away, the big beer tents are already fully booked in the evenings - with very few exceptions.

However, the last day (Monday), is still free for Munich citizens. For families and small businesses it is advised that they try to secure a table in advance. But those who now want to get a night reservation for the Oktoberfest, it is in almost all the beer tents too late.

"Unfortunately, we are currently fully booked," state the reservation hotlines and websites. The only exceptions are: the Weinzelt tent and the Ochsenbraterei tent ,where there are still some places left for the 4th of October - this is Monday, the extra day added for the anniversary of the Oktoberfest this year.  Now getting a table is almost like winning the lottery, at least when it comes to Oktoberfest evenings. Nevertheless, midday and afternoon weekday reservations are still possible in many tents.

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