No-parking sign for stubborn parents

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Fri 14th May, 2010

Starnberg. If the current situation doesn't change, a parking restriction will come into place outside a secondary school in Munich. The police of Starnberg continue to be troubled by parents who double-park their cars in front of the school.

Already last year the chief of police, Norbert Reller, complained that the entrance of the police building is blocked every morning and afternoon. The parents park anywhere close to the gate of the school at Rheinlandstraße to drop their kids off. The previous plea only worked for a short time and now the problem is there again. Reller sees it as a last resort to put up a stopping restriction.

But before the restriction comes into play, the parents will receive a newsletter from the headmaster of the secondary school Josef Parsch, which will have a letter attached to it from the mayor of Starnberg. The letter will include a statement: Please do not double-park and keep Rheinlandstraße free. "That's all we can do as a school", says Parsch.

If this is not going to help, then chief officer Augustin Ullman will resort to an absolute halt restriction law. It is possible to declare the rule within 24 hours, says Ullman.

There should be clarity by summer, if parents will be allowed to park in front of the school or not. If the stopping restriction comes into effect, it would be because of minorities breaking the parking law - the majority of parents stick to the rules.

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