Nineteen people in one Transit

Rosenheim - A8 

Nineteen people were found in a van the size of this one recently.     -munichFOTO wikiPolice stopped a French registered Ford Transit on the A8 heading towards Munich only to find 19 people inside.

These 10 adults together with 9 children, ages 3-11, were obviously not using seat belts, and to make matters worse the children were cramped together with excessive luggage in the back. The condition of the six seater van was also questionable - a broken handbrake, well-worn foot brakes, broken lights, rusted wheels and only two functioning seat belts. As the van was deemed unsafe, the travellers were forced to continue their journey by train from Rosenheim.

A similar incident happened in May of last year on the A3 heading towards France. In that case, there were also 19 people found in a SEAT station wagon that had originated in Romania.

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