New TV in Munich tram and U-Bahn

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Fri 5th Mar, 2010

Munich transport company (MVG) plans to entertain passengers by installing four 17-inch dual-screens om trams and u-bahn trains - more than 2100 screens in total. The cost is estimated 6.5 million euros.

One screen will be reserved for passenger information, such as connections or any disruptions. On the right is a dedicated production for Munich, broadcasting topical issues and Munich news. "This is a mix of passenger information, editorial content and advertising, which ultimately makes its financial contribution," said Herbert King, chairman of MVG Management. The commercials should not consume more than 20 percent airtime of a program.

There will be no audio available, thus passengers who have no desire for the program will not be disturbed. The MVG plans to begin with the installation of the newer sets in the summer. By 2014, all vehicles of tram and U-Bahn will be equipped with the new system.

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