New S-Bahn Line Between Ostbanhof and Pasing?

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Sat 10th Sep, 2011

Deutsche Bahn, the transportation and logistics company that runs the S-Bahn, presented plans on Friday to the Federal Railway Authority to build a second main line.

The current main line runs between Ostbahnhof station on the east side of town to Pasing in the west.  Construction, normal rush hour traffic, and emergency issues are major causes of delays that frustrate the almost 800,000 passengers daily.  A new line would alleviate some of the bottleneck.

The Federal Railway Authority, or EBA (Eisenbahnbundesamt), is the supervisory authority for railroad traffic and infrastructure companies, mainly Die Bahn.  They heard the proposal and will make a decision on a project, where they will finance almost 60% of the expected 2 billion Euro project.  If approved, the second core line could be ready by 2025.

Transportation Minister Martin Zell was confident after the first stage in the decision-making process.  He felt a decision could be reached as talks with the EBA were "trustworthy, constructive, and with pressure" to reach an agreement.

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