New Bomb Threat at Munich Airport

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Mon 1st Feb, 2010

There was another bomb incident at Munich airport: on Friday afternoon a passenger claimed at T1 check-in that he had a bomb, reports Die Sueddeutsche Zeitung. According to police the 63-year-old man repeated the threat several times.

Security personnel at the airport stopped the man and called police for reinforcement. After examination of the man it turned out that he was carring nothing dangerous. The motives of the 63-year-old are still unclear, said police.  When questioned, the man refused to give any statement.

The police department at the airport claims that he will have to answer charges of disturbing the public peace with the threat of crime and for violating the Civil Aviation law. The 63-year-old will definitely have to answer the charges in front of the law as any suggestion of a bomb threat is taken seriously.

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