Munich Most Desirable City

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London. Once a year the lifestyle magazine "Monocle" in London, publishes a ranking of the most livable cities in the world. First on the list is Munich.

In the list of the July/August issue of the magazine for global affairs, business, culture and design, the German metropolis Munich is at the top - in front of Copenhagen, Zürich, Tokyo and Helsinki. In 2009 Munich was ranked 4th and in 2008 2nd. In 2009 Zürich was ranked 1st and 2008 Copenhagen was ranked 1st. The factors which contribute heavily towards the "quality of life" index in "Monocle" are the views of busy "city hoppers": away from the classical lifestyle - public transport, green areas or crime rates - counts the uniqueness of the cities or if chains like Starbucks made them all too similar. Another important factor is the transport connections of the city. How easily do I get to another city via plane? Munich is the best in that case according to the editors of the lifestyle magazine, other cities like Berlin (ranked 11) and Hamburg (ranked 24).

The editorial staff also introduces five metropols, which are specially chaotic, where barely anything functions - but you still feel drawn to them. In Beirut, Istanbul, Napels, Rio de Janeiro and Taiwans capital city Taipei, the quality of life is not perfect but the cities have a good culture.

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