Munich Man Dies in Plane Crash

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Wed 14th Sep, 2011
Technical failure led to crash of propeller plane

Hildesheim - A man from Pullach was killed late Wednesday evening when his Piper PA propreller airplane crashed shortly after taking off.  Witnesses say the twin-engine plane took off but could not gain altitude.  The pilot attempted to turn around and land the aircraft, however lost control and crashed near the airport at a nearby compost factory facility.

The 43-year-old man was the only passenger on board. He was hoping to return to the Munich area after a business trip to Lower Saxony.  He died immediately upon crashing.

Police report that technical failure was the reason for the crash, as no other reasons were found.  However an investigation is ongoing by the Federal Bureau of Aircraft Investigation.

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