Mother killed 2 newborn children

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Sun 24th Jan, 2010

In the Munich Regional Court the trial of Alexandra S. has begun. She is accused of having killed her two children straight after their birth, reports Die Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper. According to the prosecutor, the 39 year old retail clerk let her 1995 and 2009-born children die immediately after birth, when she left them totally without care.

The social situation of the mother of a now 18-year-old son and an eight-year-old daughter is: divorced; in 1996 her drug-addicted sister committed suicide; the place in which they later moved in together with her new boyfriend, was almost completely burned out; and in 2002 she had suffered a serious motorcycle accident, as a consequence of which she was left unemployed. Alexandra S. refused to comment on the charges brought against her.

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