Medical Tourism from China to Germany

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Over the last few years, the way of combining a vacation with medical treatment in Germany has become a fast growing trend in the tourism sector. Nowadays many tourists are aiming not only to have a rest and leisure time, but also seeking professional medical and healthcare services & treatments. A growing number of Chinese medical tourists coming to Munich for specialist care is proving the point.

Chinese patients are choosing to undergo medical treatment in Munich for procedures such as face lifts, heart bypasses, fertility treatments and much more, with the list growing each month. Chinese patients can receive 5-star personal care, from treatment to recovery in the finest hospitals and clinics, and 24-hour attention and services in luxury accommodation while recovering. A stress-free environment and privacy can speed up the healing process and produce better, faster results.

And Munich has lots to offer in this aspect besides the world-famous Oktoberfest (which offers a different type of medicine). Munich is famous for its high-standard clinics, professional and experienced doctors with personalized approach to each patient in addition to advanced technology, clean air and water, and high standard of living. All of these attributes prove very attractive to the Chinese demographic who are making Munich their go-to choice for premium healthcare services.

In cancer treatment and research, Munich is home to many well-known and reputable academic medical institutions in Germany, covering the most advanced procedures and treatments available in the world. That's why so many foreign patients, including many celebrities worldwide, choose Munich for medical treatment or examination.

Chinese patients who are traveling abroad for medical treatment can receive their treatments in privacy and recover in comfort. One of Munich´s unique characteristics is that it can turn your medical visit into a relaxing and peaceful experience. Munich offers you numerous options for touring, sight-seeing, shopping, exploring, and relaxing.

The Munich Eye endorses the healthcare tourism company Munich Healthcare Agents, to help foreigners organise their treatment. You will receive the best, most personalised services in organising your vacation and medical treatment in Germany. There are numerous specialists in various fields who will offer compassionate, professional care and a detail-oriented service.

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