Makeshift security measures at Oktoberfest

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Munich. The safety preparations for the Oktoberfest celebrations are set: The barriers which surround the site, will remain in place since their installation in 2009, after security threats discovered on the internet.

Due to time constraints, the concrete bollards will not be ready in time for the beginning of the festival, however there will be concrete blocks, large plant pots and vehicles to restrict access to certain areas. In addition, visitors will be notified over speakers from the fire brigade in the event of an emergency.

The county administration and economic department plan to construct another three blockades surrounding the Theresienwiese, however the city council still has to give the go-ahead to the suggestion. The inner barrier will be built directly at the edge of the Theresienwiese. Concrete bollards will be in place for the 2011 festival and will result in complete control over access to the site for vehicles, this means that terrorists with car bombs can't drive into the area. In the meantime, concrete blockades, as well as large plant pots are positioned to ensure the entrances for cars can be monitored with greater control. Since there are emergencies exits for vehicles, which cannot be blocked completely, the city council has contracted an engineering firm to search for technical solutions, as to how to block the emergency paths within 30 seconds, in case of a terrorist attack. Should there be no technical solution, heavy vehicles will have to act as mobile barriers - despite the menacing appearance.

Bavariaring, the second ring, and Theresienhöhe will stay blocked for traffic as in 2009. Taxis and Rickshaws are not allowed to either drive in or wait for customers, in addition, there will be no parking for coaches. The unused streets in the immediate area will act as care accomodation for injured people in an emergency. Only local citizens with permits are allowed access.

The third security ring contains streets which lead to the Bavariaring and the Theresienhöhe. They will become dead ends during Wiesn, in which only residents are allowed to drive, at  each end there will be mobile barriers in use.

To increase safety, the fire brigade plans to set up a speaker system, so that the guests can be notified immediately in the case of emergency and evacuated if necessary.

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