Lufthansa Plans Strike

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Munich. The pilot union Cockpit goes on strike next week.  This will paralyze the operations of Lufthansa and thus largely Munich airport. Here is the most important information for passengers.

Nealy 4500 pilots of Lufthansa and German Wings are going on strike at midnight of Monday 22 February. It lasts until Thursday evening, 25 February, midnight.  The four-day strike is one of the largest in the history of Lufthansa. Delays and cancellations are electronically programmed - especially in Munich, where Lufthansa machines have more than half of the approximately 1,000 daily takeoffs and landings to complete. If intra-Germany flights will be cancelled, passengers can use trains. Therefore, the ticket must be converted at Lufthansa Check-In machines into a travel Coupon. However, the railway plans no additional capacity. If you are going abroad, Lufthansa will try to rebook your ticket. But competitors are not planning additional flights.

With about 2 hours of delays, passengers could request compensation: free meals, refreshments, telephone calls, faxes or e -Mail, and if necessary, hotel accommodation with transfers. For more than five hours, you can claim your money back.

Those who will find out at the airport, that their connection is cancelled, can get their money back or receive a replacement flight (with the same conditions and arrive as soon as possible) to their target destination.


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