Lenggries Cable Car Breakdown

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Wed 13th Jan, 2010

Lenggries. Because of the breakdown of a cable car in the Upper Bavarian Lenggries on Tuesday, about 60 people were stuck for two and a half hours in their gondolas. A mechanical problem in a gondola caused three gondolas at Brauneck to crash into one another triggering an emergency stop, reports Taz. Shortly after midday, all the passengers were on solid ground again and noone was injured. Several of the rescue helicopters had been requested. In addition, mountain rescue with about 30 helpers, the Bavarian Red Cross including an ambulance, fire brigade and about 60 policemen were called out. Already only one and a half hours after the cable car stopped, most of the passengers were rescued and brought to the mountain station. In the middle of the cable car line the rescue work was more difficult, but achieved with the help of helicopters. A police spokesman said that there had been no panic among the passengers.

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