Illegal oil disposal

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Wed 12th May, 2010

Oberschleißheim. A mechanic poured oil illegaly into a canal in Oberschleißheim. He will now be held accountable for polluting the canal.

On tuesday at 4.15 PM a 48 year old housewife noticed a layer of oil covering the canal. She informed the police immediately, who were able to trace the oil spill up to the mechanics house. The heating oil originated from an oil tank which was sliced open.

According to the police the 40 year old worker purposely disposed of around 20 litres of a water-oil mixture into a inspection chamber connected to the canal.

The fire brigade had to built nine oil blockades to contain the water pollution. It is not yet known how severe the enviromental damage will be. So far there is no evidence of any fish dying, says the police. The mechanic has to take responsibility and will be penalised for causing water pollution.

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