Germany leads the way in Syrian refugee resettlement

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In the free world there exists a tradition on welcoming refugees from war, revolutions or civil conflicts. The Syria Civil War has produced 2,5 million of refugees. Germany is the country that received the largest number of refugees.

Syria's conflict began in March 2011, with popular protests against Assad, but evolved into a civil war after a crackdown by security forces led to an armed uprising. More than 130,000 people have been killed and about six million have fled their homes.

Right now there is an estimated of 250,000 people trapped by fighting across Syria in aid convoys, hospitals and camps from aid agencies. The peace talks held last week in Switzerland, recessed on Friday with no substantial results.

Even though the United Nations has been urging states to do more to help Syrian refugees with humanitarian aid and resettlement, the international response has been poor in relation to the scale of the crisis.

As the chart provided by Statista statisc portal shows, based on United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) information, the number of Syrian refugees is now close to 2.5 million, more than the entire population of Slovenia.

By January 2014, 19 countries had pledged a total of 18,000 resettlement places for refugees from the conflict. Germany is leading the way in Syrian refugee resettlement, having pledged or offered 11,000 places. Canada comes second on the list with 1,300 while Sweden rounds off the top three with 1,200. Norway has received 1000 refugees. Australia, Austria, Finland, France and UK received 500 refugees each of them, while the Netherlands received 250 people.

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