Flooding hits Starnberg

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Thu 3rd Jun, 2010

Starnberg. The county district of Starnberg is feeling a little wet: since wednesday evening the fire crew have been continuously working around the clock - most of the time it's basements flooded with rain.

About 50 litres of rain have fallen this week in Starnberg, the ground is wet and can barely take any more rain water. On wednesday alone, 25 litres of rain water fell, reports the weather site of Starnberg. This results in standing water on fields, streets and subways causing many basements to flood.

The fire brigade has barely a free minute. Some streets had to be blocked partially or even completely. The train traffic was hindered as well: the route had to be blocked on thursday morning so that fire men from Starnberg could remove floating refuse, which caused a traffic jam on the train bridge.

The severity of damage and the number of operations has not yet been calculated. The tide gauge of the Worms river and Starnberger lake are not at the first stages of alert yet, however the river Ammer is swelling visibly.

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