Festival Organisors Hope for Rent Discount

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Thu 12th Aug, 2010

Freising. "It was the coldest May since the big bang", moans "Uferlos" organiser Michi. The festival failed to make a profit and is 20,000 Euro in debt - and now makes a plea to the city council for help.

Too wet, too cold and too little visitors: that's the summary of the "Uferlos" festival 2010. These three factors took their toll: organiser Michi Kasper talks about the 20,000 Euro deficit. "A rent discount would be a nice gesture". 20,000 Euro is the rental charge for the location, payable to the city.  Half of it is transferred already, the remaining 10,000 Euro however are still owed - money that the organisator doesn't really have.

Mich Kasper and Co. asked the city council for help. The following monday, the 16th of August, a decision will be made by the main committee about the proposal. Folks fest consultant Erich Irlstorfer ensured the organisers willingness to talk: "I'm still convinced that the festival is good and beneficial and that we should be glad to have it." Irlstorfer did not want to reveal if he supports the proposal or not - he has to look through the "Uferlos" documents first.

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