Faster Buses for Munich

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Munich. The MVG has been trying for years, to make buses go faster through Munich. Now they have drawn a balance; 38 minutes saved, 6 less buses needed.

The MVG has been modernising the bus services over the last five years. Less waiting times at traffic lights, adding bus lanes and faster passenger exchange saved 38 minutes so far and reduced the number of buses needed by 6, which can be used on other lines without added costs for the MVG.

Since the town council decided in the summer of 2005, that the MVG should accelerate their bus lines, a great deal has happened: the MetroBuses 52, 53 and 54 are driving faster through the city - without speeding. The bus driver can influence the traffic lights - a dream of many car drivers on their morning commute. He can change the traffic lights to green and avoids waiting times. So far some 200 traffic lights have the so called à–PNV acceleration installed.

The buses are faster when they drive in their own bus lanes and not in the normal rush-hour traffic. The combined length of Munich's bus lanes is 23 kilometres. Which makes up 5 percent of the overall bus network. To further improve the speed, on 3 lines buses have an additional door, which enables them to exchange passengers faster.

For customers, the improvements of the buses mean increased punctuality and more comfort, says MVG boss Herbert Koenig, "because vehicles have to start-up less and brake less". With the mentioned measurements, the bus line 52 Marienplatz-Alemannenstraße saves a total of 7 minutes journey time, the line 54 saves 13 minutes and the line 53 an impressive 18 minutes.

Currently the MetroBus line 55 in direction Diakon-Kerolt-Weg to Waldperlach and beyond the citys borders to Putzbrunn is being improved. The passengers will benefit from the shortened driving time commencing in December.

In the next 5 years the MVG wants to further modernise the bus lines. One of them is expected to be the Museumline 100, said a spokesperson, other prospective bus lines are still undecided.

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