English Garden surfing area now official

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Wed 28th Apr, 2010

Munich. The Eisbach surfers in English Garden are among the largest tourist attractions in Munich. Their dangerous ride on the waves of the Eisbach are now no longer illegal - the city takes over ownership of the area and makes surfing officially allowed.

The transfer will not come into effect until July. Until then, the surfing will be tolerated, as it has been for many years. Why was the transfer of ownershop necessary at all? Two years ago, the State prohibited surfing as it lacked the legal basis to allow swimming and surfing in the park and did not want to carry that responsibility. It is easier for the city to deal with water rights regulations. If the city commits to carry liability for the area by establishing clear signs, then the law is on its side. The city authorities are focusing on some main rules: only experienced surfers would be allowed to ride on the waves of the Eisbach, and swimming is performed at your own risk.

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