Dogs Poisoned by Council

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Gröbenzel. a local Shepherd-dog called Jacky, painfully died from rat poisoning recently. The owners complained that the community was in fault for the death of their dog, says Die Tageszeitung. Sabine Musial took the eleven year old Jacky for a walk last Monday week - the shepherd dog was in good shape, despite his advanced age, but suddenly fell ill after the walk. Day by day the animal grew weaker.

In the veterinary clinic in Haar they gave the diagnosis as severe internal injuries caused by rat poisoning. "Our dog literally bled to death from the inside," says Musial bitter, the dog's owner. "To end his agony, we finally had to euthanize him." The owner did not notice that her pet had digested something harmful,, however the vet informed her that it is enough if a dog sniffs through the mucous membrane a strong dose of rat poison. The owner of the dog wants to know who is responsible for the death of her dog. And she wants to warn other dog owners and parents of children.

Musial done some research on the Internet and discovered in the last year that two other dogs in the Gröbenbach community had accidentally eaten rat poison and died. She speculates that the community always put poison in the area of Klosterweg to avoid a plague of rats on Gröbenbach. This approach has been criticized by the Green party sharp.

When asked, council employees denied the use of rat poison, but later admitted that an outside firm for the council spread the poison, says Musial. She is appalled because there were no warning signs in the area, and the poision was placed in close proximity to a day care centre and school. The 32-year-old, whose child goes to that school, has now decided to press charges against unknown persons, but in reality she doesn't expect any major result. She has the impression that the police see the case as a nuisance. She was also advised not to report anything against the council.

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