Credit Card Fraud

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Munich. A prostitute ring lured victims into paying booths and when clients paid with bank cards, the escorts secretly recorded their PINs.
The police in Munich are investigating three women aged 26, 33 and 42 with EC card fraud and forbidden prostitution.

The women persuaded heavily drunk customers of a gentlemen's establishment on Schillerstraße to escort them to a private booth. There the women performed private sexual dances.

When the men paid with EC or credit cards, the dancers secretly recorded their PIN numbers. Afterwards they distracted the customer so that it was possible to steal the card before leaving the booth. At the EC terminal in the establishment, they made transfers for Champagne and other luxuries.  Afterwards they placed the card back in the customers wallets.

The amount stolen is reportedly around a few thousand Euro. The women's flats were searched and incriminating evidence uncovered.

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