City Council want to Remove Unnecessary Traffic Lights

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Tue 16th Feb, 2010

The KVR would like to remove all lights which may be deemed unnecessary. Too many red lights are impeding the traffic in Munich, says the KVR.

About 1100 sets of traffic lights in Munich are currently regulating the traffic. Some, at major intersections, are indispensable.  If they were removed then accidents and traffic congestion would occur. But many drivers are annoyed because they are having to stop at red lights at night on deserted streets, although there is no traffic in sight.

The city responded with modern technology: 628 sets of traffic lights adapt their switching intervals depending oin the volume of traffic, with 466 turned off at night. Regularly it will be examined whether traffic lights at some places make sense. This review should take one to two years.

ADAC support the City Council action. Drivers are perfectly capable of applying the right before left principle on the crossings and can cope without traffic light assistance.

Many local residents will be pleased also by fewer traffic lights. And there will be less engine noise at night due to unnecessarily waiting cars. In addition, the city saves electricity and money. However the study done by the Internet HUK Association showed that for every euro saved on electricity costs, it in turn could cost 25 euro for traffic accidents due to the absence of traffic lights.

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