Chlorine alert in Westbad pool

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Mon 10th May, 2010

Munich. The fire brigade evacuated all guests of Westbad swimming pool on Sunday afternoon. High chlorine concentration in the water was the reason for the scare.

Many members of staff complained about a sore throat and burning eyes. A pool attendant called emergency services and the fire brigade were dispatched. They examined several employees and a five-year girl who complained of breathing difficulties.

All 260 guests had to leave the swimming pool as soon as possible. According to the fire department the reason for the incident was the chlorine granules found on the stairs. With a lot of water they tried to rinse the chlorine from the floor but this did not have the desireded effect. Even the ventilation of all the indoor pool rooms brought no success. The chlorine concentration in the air remained the same despite all measures.

The Westbad had to be closed for further extensive cleaning.  When the swimming pool will be opened again is not yet known.

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