Bomb Alert Shuts Munich Airport

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Fri 22nd Jan, 2010

Wednesday at around 15:30, Munich airport experienced a bomb scare at Terminal 2. Police confirmed to N-TV that a man carrying a laptop triggered an explosives detection alarm. When his laptop was requested to be run through the detector for a second time to confirm the presence of explosives, the man left the security area unauthorised and unchallenged. As a precaution Terminal 2 was sealed off while a search was conducted to locate the man. At this stage he has neither been found nor identified and as yet there is no confirmation that the laptop did in fact contain any explosive materials.  Around 60 flights have either been cancelled or delayed. Travellers are advised to check with their airline for further information on disruptions.


UPDATE: Up to 1000 police officers were involved in the search for the man, but as yet he has neither been located nor identified.  Police suspect he may not have been aware he needed to go through the scanner for a second time and may have been in a hurry to catch his flight. The explosives alarm being triggered does not necessarily mean that the laptop contain explosives, as some household chemicals can also trigger the alarm.  One major worry to come from this episode is how anyone who tripped the explosives could have so easily have left the scene, possibly to board a plane.

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