Attempted Murder by Lithuanian

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Wed 20th Oct, 2010

Munich. A pub visitor who hit another man on the head with a piece of garden furniture is now being investigated by the police for attempted murder.

The incident occured on Sunday night, the 26th of September. A Lithuanian tourist and a 33 year old Bosnian man were guests in a pub in Freimann. Two other men in the pub clashed and one took the other in a headlock and choked him. The 30 year old Bosnian man tried to calm them down and separated the two men. In the same moment the Lithuanian guest took a metal folding chair and hit the Bosnian man on the head with great force, reports the police.

The heavy blow from the metal chair caused heavy bleeding from the mans head. The Lithuanian man was caught on site by police.

After a report of the institution for forensic medicine, the violent nature of the hit and the resulting wound can be considered to be life threatening. The judge filed a lawsuit as attempted murder, the offender was arrested as a result.

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