Anti-Nuclear Demonstration in Munich

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Tue 28th Sep, 2010

Munich. An anti-nuclear power movement wants to send a second signal in Munich after their demonstration in Berlin, against extending the lifespan of nuclear power plants.

By now, parties and unions from the left-wing to the conservatives want to take part in the planned human chain in the city center on the 9th of Oktober."We hope for 30,000", said à–DP chef Bernhard Suttner in Munich. The goal is to form a human chain between the "headquarters of the atom lobbys" - meaning the headquarters of the CSU, Eon, Siemens and the Bavarian ministry of environment. The alliance was joined by the SPD, the Green Party, the Linke, free voters and the union for nature protection. The SPD printed over 100,000 flyers, reported Secretary-General Natascha Kohnen. "People from Austria join in as well with the SPD sending buses."

The head of the Green party, Dieter Janecek said: "We count on the fact that the mood in the conservative-civic circles is deteriorating." That's what the free voters hope for as well: "We want to bring the CSU and FDP to term", says FW director Hubert Aiwanger.

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