SPD leader calls for significant increase in citizen's income

Fri 22nd Jul, 2022

Photo by Frank BuschSPD leader Saskia Esken is insisting on a significant increase in the standard rates in the reform of the citizen's income. "We must not leave people on low incomes to deal with the continuing price increases on their own," she told the Editorial Network Germany (Thursday editions). "Like the minimum wage, the standard rates in the basic security must also rise sharply."

Esken went on to say that the adjustment should be made "by revising the basis for calculating the standard rates" and should not be politically determined. "I am sure that our coalition partners are also ready to support people in this difficult situation, so that together we will come to a good result in the fall," the SPD chairwoman said.

"With the citizen's income, we are giving people who remain unemployed for longer and are in need more security and better prospects," Esken said of the reform plans presented to Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD). "We want our welfare state and our society to treat those affected with respect." At the same time, the aim is to open up new opportunities for those affected through qualification.

Heil presented his draft bill on the citizen's income on Wednesday. He plans to recast the basis for calculating the standard rates. The minister has in mind an increase of 40 to 50 euros, referring to the sharp rise in consumer prices. The FDP rejects a significant increase.

Photo by Frank Busch


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