Public health officers demand mandatory wearing of masks indoors

Wed 19th Oct, 2022

Public health physicians have called for a return to mandatory mask use indoors in light of the high incidence of corona in Germany. "We now need mandatory masks in indoor areas such as supermarkets, stores and public buildings," Johannes Nießen, chairman of the Federal Association of Public Health Service Doctors, told Editorial Network Germany. "It's the states' turn to implement the mask requirement immediately. Otherwise, an overload of the health system and an overload of the areas with patient-near contact such as clinics threatens."

According to Nießen, if the incidence continues to rise, such a mask requirement should also be extended to other areas. "As soon as the incidence climbs above 1000, we also have to consider a mask requirement for bars, catering and restaurants. Then we have namely in reality an incidence of 3000," said the head of the association

There is currently a nationwide mask obligation only in long-distance trains and buses, clinics, doctors' offices and care facilities. In addition, the states can introduce them indoors if necessary. In light of rising incidences, there have been repeated calls for a return to mandatory masks indoors.

Incidences indicate the value of new corona infections per 100,000 population per week. Nießen assumes that there is a high number of unreported infections with the coronavirus, since many people no longer do a PCR test when they suspect corona, but only a rapid test. However, these are not included in the statistics.

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