Ottonova Expatriate Health Insurance

Coverage provided online and conveniently managed via an app

Ottonova Krankenversicherung is a relative newcomer in the field of online health insurance. They specialise in both coverage for German residents, and those from outside the EU who plan to stay in Germany for under five years. For expatriates planning on living here for less than 60 months, the coverage while complete, is substantially cheaper than for those whose planned stay exceeds the five-year threshold. This is due to private health insurance needing to factor in increased costs as one ages and suffers more health-related setbacks; naturally this is less of a concern for those who plan to leave Germany within the time frame mentioned, and they incur less costs as a consequence.
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What are the benefits of Ottonova?

Ottonova is an innovative and forward-thinking online health insurance provider. They understand the expatriate community and the difficulty which often accompanies foreigners to Germany when having to traverse the minefield of official paperwork and bureaucracy. By acknowledging these obstacles, and catering for those whose grasp of German is either non-existant or rudimentary, Ottonova has carved out a niche for itself which is gaining traction in the international community. Some of the benefits, amongst others, include:
  • English-language service
  • Concierge for helping book appointments with doctors
  • Special rates for expatriates who intend to leave Germany within five years
  • Virtual doctor appointments
  • Online application
  • Easy-to-use Engllish language App which handles most use-case scenarios
There are many more features which you can find out online by visiting here.
If Ottonovas is not for you, or you wish to find out more information, then The Eye Newspapers, which is run by expatriates and German nationals alike, is able to guide you around any obstacles or answer any of your questions. Just fill out the form below and we will get back to you usually within a few hours. We are aware of the strain that acquiring health insurance can pose, and how different it is in Germany compared to many other parts of the world, so feel free to ask us for a recommendation.

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