Allianz Private Krankenversicherung-AG

Long-term player in the health insurance field

A long-established health insurance company, Allianz is a well-known subsidiary of Allianz Germany AG (operating in various sectors in Germany and abroad). Based in Munich, they underwent several takeovers and acquisitions until they achieved their current form in 2003. One of the more traditional of the private health insurance companies in Germany, Alliance enjoys success with medical professionals and those who prefer a more established company. The expatrate community however, appear to be more diverse in their choices and usually opt for alternatives.

What are the benefits of Alliance?

Operating with over 3 billion Euros worth of premiums, and comparable payouts, Allianz is a large player in the insurance field. They have stability and a history which dates back to 1923 when it was first formed as Gedevag Gemeinn├╝tzige Deutsche Versicherungs-Aktiengesellschaf in Berlin. This long history is both a pro and a con: much as one would evaluate traditional banks compared to the new startups which are upsetting the status quo, one could also apply the same reasoning here when comparing Allianz with its modern competitors.

If a long-standing tradition and stability are your primary considerations, then Allianz is a safe bet.
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