New Corona rules apply from Friday in Berlin

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Fri 18th Jun, 2021

Berlin is loosening up: in view of the falling number of new infections, people will no longer have to wear masks outdoors almost anywhere. This was decided by the Berlin Senate on Tuesday. The new Corona ordinance came into force on Friday. Only in places where there may be crowds a mask must continue to be worn. This also includes outdoor queues. And demonstrations: "At demonstrations, the mask requirement continues to apply, because we assume that the problem of non-compliance with the distance can still exist there," said Interior Senator Andreas Geisel (SPD).

It is different in buses and trains. There, the FFP2 mask obligation continues to apply. FFP2 masks are an effective health protection in the direct encounter of people, as it is unavoidable in public transport, said Müller. Many Berliners have now understood that.And, "We will also again experience a public transport system that will be fuller in the coming weeks." People are increasingly returning to their offices from the home office, he said, and tourists are also visiting Berlin again.

Pubs, restaurants and late-night bars are once again allowed to serve alcohol at night, i.e. between 0:00 and 5:00. The ban on nighttime sales no longer applies.Open-air dance events are once again permitted under the new ordinance. Accordingly, up to 250 people are allowed to celebrate together, provided that all participants have a negative test.Other open-air events are again possible with up to 1000 people as of Friday. The Senate has also eased restrictions on indoor events: up to 250 guests will be allowed indoors in the future. As soon as the event is attended by more than 20 guests, testing is mandatory.In the area of private meetings, however, everything remains the same. Here, the rule of meeting a maximum of ten people from five different households will continue to apply, Müller said.Weddings, birthday parties, religious celebrations and funeral services, on the other hand, will again be possible with more guests. If they take place indoors, 50 people are allowed to gather; outdoors, up to 100 are allowed.

Good news for graduating classes in Berlin, too: graduation ceremonies may take place again, as well as graduation ceremonies for vocational training programs.The little brothers and sisters of the school leavers will be able to go to daycare centers as usual from next Monday. These will return to normal operation, according to the Senate.As far as the leisure program during the summer vacations is concerned, many families should breathe a sigh of relief. Amusement parks can reopen, fairs and festivals can take place, visits to open-air zoos are possible without masks, and indoor pools, spas and saunas can once again welcome visitors.Outdoor sports are allowed again from Friday, even in groups and if the minimum distance is not exceeded.Moreover, at the next visit to the hairdresser, a negative test result is no longer required as long as a mask can be worn. Only if a mask cannot be worn, for example when trimming a beard, would the customer have to present a negative test.The Senate also decided on further opening steps for Berlin's universities. As of Friday, they will be able to expand the attendance portions of their studies and teaching, subject to hygiene concepts and the use of their testing strategies.In addition to the already permitted practical formats in small groups, additional on-site teaching events are now permitted in principle; the maximum number of participating students is derived from the hygiene concepts of the universities as well as the general requirements of the Third SARS-CoV-2 Infection Protection Measures Ordinance of the state.

As early as June 4, libraries and workstations at universities have been allowed to open and dining halls have been allowed to offer their food and beverage service for pickup first. A medical face mask must still be worn in enclosed areas of colleges and university libraries.If the number of new infections continues to drop, Mueller said, the Senate will decide on additional openings in two weeks.Brandenburg goes even further than Berlin: among other things, all contact restrictions in public will be lifted there, and dance clubs will be allowed to reopen with limited numbers of people and strict hygiene requirements

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