Munich Braces for Intense Thunderstorms

Thu 23rd May, 2024

The German Weather Service (DWD) issues a stern warning as severe thunderstorms loom over Munich, expected to roll in from the Alps throughout Thursday. Anticipated to unleash torrential rains and potent gusts, these storms pose a significant risk of severe weather, with rainfall projections soaring to 60 liters per square meter within a brief span and winds reaching speeds of up to 70 kilometers per hour.

For Munich and its surrounding district, the DWD has raised the alarm to level 3, cautioning residents to brace for storms and severe thunderstorms from Thursday afternoon until the wee hours of Friday, extending until 4 p.m. Showery spells, punctuated by occasional thunder, are forecasted for the latter half of the day, particularly along the Alpine periphery. Some regions may witness deluges ranging between 30 to 50 liters per square meter within a short timeframe, accompanied by sporadic gusts reaching up to 70 kilometers per hour and sporadic instances of small-grain hail.

Contrarily, northern Bavaria is poised to experience predominantly dry and sunlit conditions, with thunderstorms expected to roll in only by Friday night. Temperatures are predicted to hover around 15 degrees Celsius in Oberallgäu, climbing to 23 degrees Celsius along the Main and Danube rivers.

The weather forecast for Friday mirrors that of Thursday, with a blend of cloud cover and intermittent rain, alongside the looming threat of thunderstorms. Weather experts caution of potential isolated intense thunderstorms characterized by heavy downpours, small hail, and robust gusts, ensuring a continuation of the turbulent weather pattern until the end of the week.

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