German private health insurance threshold for 2021

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Private health insurance (PKV - Privaten Krankenversicherung) companies had a tough 2020 due to the consequences of the Corona pandemic. A knock-on effect is the yearly minimum salary limit to qualify for private health insurance in Germany in 2021, has now been set at 64,350 EUR (before tax). This is a large increase from the limit for '20 which was set to 62,550 EUR. In monthly terms, this is an increase in the minimum threshold from 5,212.50 EUR to 5,362.50 EUR. This means that employees must earn over this limit to qualify for PKV in Germany.

For the self-employed (freelancers, business owners and equivalent), civil servants and students (if they register within the first semester of their course), there is no minimum yearly salary to qualify for private health insurance.

As reported previously in the article "Corona brings health insurance companies to their financial limits", the health sector suffered a shock to its financial security. Both private and public insurers have planned moves to try and stabilise themselves in '21 by increasing contributions across the board. How great an increase the public can expect will become more apparent the longer this pandemic continues. Luckily however, previous years saw unprecedented growth in the coffers of the Germany health insurance companies, which should help stave off a more serious rise in contributions.

To get a no-obligation quote, or to find out more about what you may need to pay for PKV, read the primer on private health insurance in Germany and fill out the form to have an agent go over the details with you. The process can be a little complicated, especially for foreigners whose grasp of German is not that great. Therefore, it is strongly advised to speak to a broker to familiarise yourself with what coverage you can expect and the limitations of that coverage.

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