Do Animals Have Supernatural powers?

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In my book titled : "Exact Lies of Social Engineering - The Silent Noises of the Poor", I analyse the mathematical aspects of balancing imagination and logic in the digestive system of the real world, as a way of looking at the ideas of tomorrow!

But in the earliest time when both people and animals lived on the earth, a person could appear to become animal if he wanted to and an animal could become a human being. Nature was natural and was never interpreted; every creature depended on nature - any change or form of integration, was according to the dynamics of its own metamorphosis. All spoke the same language. That was the time when words were like magic. The human kind had mysterious powers (no worries whether proven and verified or not), a word spoken by chance might have strange consequences, it would suddenly come alive, and what people wanted to happen could happen. All you had to do was to say it!

A look into the animal kingdom can reveal that these creatures possess extraordinary/extrasensory abilities that seem to defy the laws of nature and at times thought to be supernatural. Even after being unraveled by modern science, animals remain just as remarkable, perhaps even more so when compared to our limited abilities. And many more wait to be revealed: none of our human senses rival the keenest abilities in the animal world. For instance, some animals see in the dark, sniff prey miles away, and detect electrical output from muscle twitches in hidden meals.

Electric Animals
The amazing features of these creatures are literally shocking! Sharks have electrical sensors around their mouth that can detect the electricity of life itself. Body electricity creates a living aura and body openings emit electricity that a shark can use to help it track down prey. A five billionth of a volt is enough for a shark to sense your presence. And they are not even at the top of the list when it comes to sensing the spark of life. A stingray uses its electric sense to find females hidden in the sand. A Torpedo ray on the other hand uses its electric aura in a more stunning way. Using muscles modified like a battery, it boosts its electricity to lethal levels and shoots out current to kill its prey.

Resurrecting Animals
While humans dream that one day, people who lived ages ago can be revived, some animals have already mastered the secrets of coming back to life. Animals like the painted Turtle and wood frogs can remain in a state of cryonic suspension until conditions change. Their bodies freeze over, their hearts stop beating, their organs close down and their time perception stops. When winter ends, the spring thaw warms them back to life. Such experience is the exact opposite when it comes to human beings when life supporting body organs are out of business.

Animals that Predict Disasters
In the 1980s, more than a million people were saved from an earthquake through the simple observation of strange animal behavior. Zoos in the Middle East still monitor animals for unusual behavior that might foretell a quake. Small animals like rats can warn of a sinking ship and have been observed moving their brood to safety before an earthquake. Ever wondered how animals predict natural disasters long before our modern technology? Well a lot of the answers lay in their ability to hear sounds we cannot. Animals like hippos are sensitive to sounds pitched below our hearing! In water, sounds travel five times faster and hippos can hear under water sounds thirty kilometers away. They hear the rocks that grind under intense pressure deep below the earth surface before an earthquake. The rock under stress also creates high voltages and most animals can feel the static electricity that reaches the surface. Elephants on the other hand, generate ultrasound for communication. Their secret rumbles are carried more than ten miles and may act as rallying calls, greetings and other social calls. Migratory birds use the unique ability to defect infrasound when they plan their journeys. They can detect thunder at the pitch far below our hearing limits from hundreds of kilometers away. But no animals use extrasensory sound more effectively than the dolphin. Like a ship's sonar, it sends out ultrasounds and creates a picture from the returning echoes. Its forehead focuses the sound into a beam used like a sonic torch as it scans for its prey. If it needs more information, it ups the pulse rate and penetrates its prey like an x-ray.

Using Vibrations to Communicate
Extra sensory powers in the elephant lay in the feet. By pounding their feet, elephants send shockwaves fifty kilometers away alerting other herds to a threat. The tremours travel up the leg and are transmitted to the inner ear in seismic communication. Their feet are sensitive enough to detect pre-quake tremours too slight for us to notice. Scientists hope to harness the power of seismic energy to communicate around the world.

Supernatural Endurance
For a fish out of water, death is usually inevitable. However, using its thin bladder, the lung fish can take in oxygen from the air before burrowing to escape the heat. It coats itself in mucus that dries and forms an impervious body bag. The fish then shuts down its body organs and can wait for more than two years before the rain returns. The Australian desert frog is another endurance champion. It can survive un-tuned for seven years as it waits for water. The frog's bladder provides a reservoir of drinking water that, interestingly, is also shared by Australian Aborigines during the drought. Polar bears are the winners in the mammal family. They can spend more six months without eating during the winter. They conserve their energy by dropping their body temperatures to leaves that would be fatal to human beings. The known endurance powers of these incredible creatures are remarkable.

Supernatural Pets
A dog has been with us since we were hunters but their unseen powers still cause us to marvel to this day. We have heard stories about dogs and cats that travel hundreds of miles and successfully find their way back to their homes. Dogs have an inbuilt magnetic compass that helps them to tell the general sense of home, even from many miles away. Such proven abilities explain the employment of dogs by the police or intelligence organs to trace criminals or criminal scenes. Though dogs have super powers, their heightened sense of smell (sniffing), which is a million times more sensitive to slight changes in odour associated with epilepsy and can also be trained to detect cancer by smell. By discerning the characteristic odour of malignant cells, they can help doctors to make diagnosis early enough.

Dr. Fish
In Kangal fish spring in Turkey (or elsewhere), sufferers of the chronic skin infection psoriasis go to the spa to be healed. The fish, popularly known as "doctor fish," only eats tissue damaged by the disorder leaving the health cell to grow again.

Natural Compasses
Migratory birds use the Earth's magnetic fields to stay on course as they fly thousands of miles. These magnetic senses guide animals across the world. Green turtles roam the ocean and return to breed at the same beach where they were born after 30 years. They have in-built tiny magnetized particles which sense the strength of magnetic fields helping them point out their angle to the earth. Pelicans have these features as well. Every point in the ocean has its own unique coordinates, which helps them - kind of like gridlines on map - using powers far beyond our comprehension. 

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