Coronavirus: These are the places with highest risk of infection

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Germany is relaxing the Corona measures. And while clubs have reopened in some states and schools in Hesse are no longer required to wear masks, the incidence across Germany has recently risen again.

Especially since the two clearly more contagious Omicron variants, the principle of personal responsibility applies more than ever. And even if many Germans are already vaccinated, recovered, or both, many want to remain cautious. On Sunday, Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) also warned of a Corona summer wave.

Public transport: The 3G regulation continues to apply in public transport, in addition to the mask requirement. But where many people spend a long time in an enclosed space, the risk of infection also increases, especially since the more contagious variants. Keeping your distance, ventilating, and wearing a well-fitting mask: If everyone adheres to the measures, the risk will drop again on buses and trains.

Open-plan office/workplace: After months in home office and short-time work, more and more people are returning to the office. A chat with a colleague, leaning over the computer at a colleague's - it's easy to fall back into old patterns. To avoid unnecessarily increasing the risk of infection in the office, this is precisely what should be avoided. In addition, the following applies in particular: stay at home where possible if you have symptoms or contact with an infected person.

Restaurant and café: Sitting around a table with several people seems to make infection more likely. Good ventilation and distance from other tables can help.

Bars/clubs: As rising incidences in carnival regions show, clubs and bars - despite 2G-plus regulations, still carry a high risk of infection. However, anyone who finally wants to go partying again after a month-long break should at least limit contact with vulnerable groups afterwards.

Gym and Co: Leisure facilities now have sophisticated hygiene concepts. But if you don't want to become infected in the gym, you have to observe the hygiene regulations. This includes disinfecting the equipment.

Supermarket and store: Enclosed spaces, many people close to each other: retail also continues to pose a high risk of infection. Keep your distance and make sure your mask fits properly!

Outdoor sports: With spring approaching, outdoor sports are easier again. Experts agree that the risk of infection is still lower in the fresh air. But here, too, it is probably advisable to continue avoiding dense crowds.

Photo by Niklas Ohlrogge

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