Coronavirus: New Rules in Bavaria

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Prime Minister Markus Söder has declared an emergency in Bavaria because of the corona virus. What this means, which rules now apply and what behaviour each individual must now observer - the following is an overview of the most important facts.

Söder announced the disaster case for Bavaria today, which comes into force immediately (announcement at 9 a.m.). The Prime Minister emphasized that the primary goal was to protect the population, so social contacts had to be thinned out and public life slowed down.

The measures are "drastic" and are divided into three areas, said Söder.

I. General life

There is no curfew for now: everyone can go to work, take care of themselves, their families and other people. Anything else should be questioned as to whether it is really necessary.

Events are no longer allowed, except in the immediate private environment. This applies until the end of the Easter vacation.

Schools and day care centers remain closed until the end of the Easter holidays.

From Tuesday everything that falls under the area of leisure facilities will be closed. These include: sauna and bathing establishments, cinemas, conference and event rooms, clubs, bars and discotheques, arcades, theaters, club rooms, brothels, museums, city tours, sports halls, sports and playgrounds, fitness studios, libraries, wellness studios, spas, dance schools, animal parks, amusement centers, training and further education centers, adult education centers, music schools and youth centers.

As of Wednesday, the following applies to the catering sector: generally, only restaurants and company canteens remain open. The opening times are from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. There must be a distance of 1.5 meters between the guests in the bars. A maximum of 30 people may be in one location. After 3 p.m. service is only possible to "to go", via delivery service and drive-in.

All retail shops remain closed. The following are excluded for the everyday supply of the population: All shops in the food trade, beverage markets, banks, pharmacies, drug stores, DIY megastores with garden centers, medical supply stores, opticians, hearing care professionals, post office, pet supplies, petrol stations, dry cleaners and the online trade.

Companies remain open, as does public transport.

Border controls with Austria are introduced. Germans can return to Germany at any time, goods and commuter traffic are maintained.


II. Medical field

Emergency numbers and health offices have been significantly increased in personnel.

The test capacities will be expanded significantly. Tests are only performed if there are symptoms to prevent overload.

Hospitals are completely geared towards the treatment of corona: pandemic plans are drawn up and free capacities are kept available. Rehabilitation clinics and general practices are also included in the process

University hospitals are being switched from research to care.

A protective shield is being developed for the municipal hospitals so that the hospitals can continue to work economically.

Medical students are asked to be available as staff. Older doctors and doctors on parental leave are also included.


III. Economy

Massive tax deferrals without interest payments

Bavarian financial protection program with the aim of maintaining liquidity

The LfA (the State Development Institute of the Free State of Bavaria) receives a guarantee of EUR 500 million for loans to normal banks; Default guarantees are increased.

The recently established Bavaria Fund offers the state the opportunity to participate in companies and to protect them from the risk of bankruptcy. This means that operations can be kept running. After a certain time, the state can withdraw.

There will be emergency aid for companies that are in immediate need. This includes businesses from the catering and tourism sector, from trade and also for all creative artists. Aid of between 5,000 and 30,000 euros should be available without red tape, said Prime Minister Söder.

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