Corona rules currently apply in Bavaria

Sat 4th Mar, 2023

Photo by Prasesh Shiwakoti (Lomash)In Bavaria, there is now only one Corona restriction: an FFP2 mask requirement for visitors to hospitals and care facilities, and for visitors and patients in doctors' surgeries and day clinics. All other Corona regulations have fallen step by step in Bavaria in recent months - most recently, for example, on March 1, the testing requirement in homes and clinics. An overview:

Where does a mask requirement apply?

An FFP2 mask is now only required as a visitor in some healthcare facilities and homes. These include hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, full- and part-time inpatient facilities for the disabled and nursing homes, doctors' offices, day clinics, preventive care and dialysis facilities, emergency medical services, and doctors' offices (where patients must also use an FFP2 mask). This is a nationwide regulation that is expected to be in effect until April 7.

  • Children up to their sixth birthday, the deaf or hard of hearing, and people who cannot wear a mask for medical reasons, which must be documented by a certificate, are generally exempt from the mask requirement.
  • In doctors' offices or clinics, the FFP2 mask can be removed if this is necessary during treatment - for example, at the dentist.

In addition, the facilities naturally retain the option of requiring a mask in certain areas - for example, on a ward with cancer patients - on the basis of their domiciliary rights.

Where do you have to submit a Corona test?

Nowhere anymore. The previous requirement to test in hospitals, inpatient rehabilitation facilities, and retirement homes, nursing homes, or facilities for the disabled was eliminated on March 1.

What do you have to do if you test positive for Corona?

Nothing special anymore. Covid-19 sufferers are advised to stay home or at least wear a mask when they leave their homes. But the previous obligation to stay at home and isolate oneself no longer applies - nor does a mask requirement. The previous general decree issued by the Bavarian Ministry of Health with regulations for Corona sufferers expired at the end of February and was not renewed.

What applies in schools and daycare centers as well as in the workplace?

There are no special rules for schools, nor for kindergartens, daycare centers or after-school programs. Regulations such as the mask or testing requirement there have long since been abolished - as have all special requirements for companies.

What applies upon entry?

In Bavaria, the same regulations apply upon entry as nationwide - i.e. no restrictions at present. It is true that anyone entering from a so-called virus variant area must register and, under certain circumstances, go into quarantine. However, there are currently no such restrictions, according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI).

Photo by Prasesh Shiwakoti (Lomash)


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