WW2 bomb explodes in Munich

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Wed 1st Dec, 2021

According to police and Germany's rail provider, Deutsche Bahn, a World War 2bomb exploded On Wed afternoon at Donnersbergerbrücke station, injuring atleast three people, one seriously. Police and firefighters are on the scene and the area aroundDonnersbergerbrücke is cordoned off.

"We are in the process of treating the people," said a fire department spokesman at the scene. "During drilling work at a construction site, an aerial bomb exploded in the soil," the fire department said. Specialists are currently on site to examine the remains of the bomb.

Bavaria's Interior Minister,Joachim Herrmann (CSU), was at the scene of the accident at noon to get an idea of the situation. He was actually on his way to the state parliament, but when he heard about the explosion, he quickly drove to the Donnersberbrücke bridge. During drilling, a 250-kilogram WW2 bomb had been hit.

"Great shock was the first reaction," Herrmann said. But also "a great relief that it was not a bomb attack, but an aerial bomb from World War II."

Why the bomb was not discovered in advance is still unclear. Normally, during construction work in Munich's city center, there are always precise and regular probes to see where unexploded bombs might be located, he said. Explosion in Munich: The site of the incident is located near the railroad tracks on a construction site. Due to the police and fire department operation, S-Bahn traffic is severely impaired - the main line was closed between Laim and Rosenheimer Platz stations. Long-distance traffic at the main station is also affected, said a DB spokesman. It is not yet clear how long the trains will not run.

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